Return and Revenge of the Phantom Sith Clones

It may have slipped your awareness, but with the release of the last episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi the three Star Wars Disney+ series have surpassed the movies in terms of total runtime. There is just one problem. This moment of celebration is being overshadowed by something that moves quickly; that is easily introduced and seductive.... Continue Reading →

My Marvel(ess) Black History

Having read comics for a good portion of my life I have had the benefit of watching characters who I can identify with created and rise to prominence. Of course along with that comes the eventual disappointment with what I have read written in terms of plots for these characters.

Low Head, Damn

There you are just paddling along on a stream. Everything is flowing so perfectly. Up ahead, you get the glimpse of your destination. This idea, creation or innovation is so perfect. And to top it off you came up with it. This is going to be great; what could go wrong? Suddenly , the current changes and your vessel’s progress... Continue Reading →

This is Halloween? This is Halloween!

If rumors remain true, we are soon to be graced with not one, but two new Halloween sequels. With Halloween Kills releasing in 2020 and Halloween Ends slated for a 2021 release, audiences will see Michael Myers and the Halloween franchise continue to cement their place among horror movie royalty. While some may wonder why... Continue Reading →

Hello Neighbor

Those of us who grew up in the 80s didn’t have to sneak into our neighbors house. We were always welcome. Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood debuted 14 years before I did, yet I felt like this show was always made just for me. I have never been able to say what part I loved best. Was... Continue Reading →

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