To the Woman Shulking in the Corner

Excuse me, Miss Walters is it?  Okay, you prefer to be called Jennifer or Jen.  Nice to meet you Jennifer.  Couldn’t help noticing you over here looking a bit upset. 

And to be honest, everyone has been talking about you.  More recently since, well you know.  But even before that, people were talking about you.  

Which may be why this is happening. For some reason HulkKing turned his attention to you. Honestly, no one is exactly sure of the specific cause. There have been a few things you did that probably caught his attention. Got a moment.

Let’s begin at the beginning. That accident was as much your fault as the Sakaaran.  And why did Bruce look away from the road? Distracting the driver.  Fairly sure somewhere in that fancy law degree there was a section on the laws of the road. And for such mindless, useles chatter. Yes, shwarma is a much more serious subject.

Now, what term do you prefer for what you, your cousin and Blonsky turn into?  Monster sounds a bit generic and to be honest if you’re a monster it’s the ‘wubba woo woo’ type.  But it does bring up the fact you all undergo these alterations. No, not sure either why they say yours doesn’t work.

So now you’re stuck as a Hulk. Or more appropriately a She-Hulk. And while you crushed your cousin in his trials, “Yoda” didn’t say you were done training. Bruce took a lot of time on that binder. It takes time to learn how to handle being a Hulk or being a hero. Next thing you know you’ll believe you can pilot the Mach IV armor.

Now on to the fight with Titania in court. No you were not supposed to let the jury get flattened; mistrial either way.  Still, all you had to do was steer into the skid.  That was your “I am Iron Man” moment. Instead, what did you do? You composed yourself and got back to your day job.  

Which brings up another thing. Frankly, you don’t even want to be She-Hulk. Or a Hulk, guess that is why HulkKing hates you. You’re not embraccing it; even the name. What are you gonna do, save the world as Jennifer Walters. ‘Walters saves school’ just doesn’t have a ring to it. You can’t go around being you. No one wants that. Okay, but your last name isn’t cool like Stark.

Your cousin did his best to warn you about the potential dangers of being a Hulk. That your life would never be the same again. There are threats and temptations; external as well as internal. Bruce knows powers have inherent danger to the user; as well as others around them. What do you mean, so what if he was just talking about being a Hulk? And not the other abilities or even technologies that exist. Especially since those can create some problems as well. Guess everyone forgets that he helped Stark create Ultron. Yes, the Armor Wars very well could be fought in a court of law.

Speaking of suits, maybe you’re happy with your “superhero” suit. But seriously Jen, that isn’t acceptable for an Avenger. Or even an Avonger. Now Leapfrog, that guy has a suit; actually two now thanks in part to you. Even in jail he will probably still prove how easy it is being green; unlike you. And see no one is objecting to him “playing” the part. Good thing the Sokovia Accords were dissolved.

Even you recognize that the wedding was poorly timed. You could have just checked no, but you went. And you were gonna show up as She-Hulk. Nevermind that the invite was for one Jennifer Walters. Jen, I hate to break it to you but your presence wasn’t the present. You took the focus off the most important person. Everyone knows a wedding is “all” about the bride. No one cares about the changes in your world. Showoff. Next you’ll want to try to lift Mjornir.

Staying on the subject of being a showoff, let’s talk about sex, baby?  You’re right that was being a bit forward; so have you.  Your “social” life has been no secret since you became She-Hulk.  Does someone with powers really have time for love?  Tony loves Pepper.  No, It’s Joanie loves, nevermind, you’re right.  

You did take it a step, or several, further. That thing with Daredevil. Matt just made it into the MCU and, yes no one thanked you for that. Well, Matt did. You did change his costume, with a new(old) costume that borrows from Stark’s suits color scheme. And everyone has come to expect a different kind of body count from the devil from Hell’s Kitchen. That type of filthy humor belongs in a Deadpool movie; don’t tell Logan.

Are you starting to understand some of HulkKing’s frustrations? You were given this amazing opportunity. And what have you been doing with it? You want to go back to practicing law, serving the public with this bubbly, sunny-side up personality. That’s awfully selfish Jen. Spend a little time saving some people first. Then you can get to live a life, even have a family. But you never get a life, do you? You have been given great power, and you know how that goes.

Which brings us to this finale; for your show, maybe career.  All of these may point to why HulkKing just doesn’t like you.  You don’t fit into what he has come to expect of an Avenger.  And why? Because you don’t fit into what they expect.  And will allow. You’re uncontrollable and they don’t like what they can’t control.. Remember how Fury felt about Stark.      

You know what Miss Walters, I can’t ignore that a lot of this seems to center on Tony Stark as much as you.  It’s funny, there was a moment as Bruce was talking about how Tony “loaned” him his lab.  Those two were really friends and you can tell Bruce misses him.  

Unfortunately, Tony is gone.  Bruce seems happier as Smart Hulk – did he trademark that; just asking for Mr. Cho.

With so many 1st generation Avengers gone, maybe HulkKing doesn’t see you as the future face of the franchise.

Still considering the “blip”, what proceeded it as well as the aftermath, maybe their ways are no longer the best way. If they ever were. You’ve shown everyone that even when not being an Avenger, you’re still a force. Isn’t that what the world needs now.

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