Have you considered this mutant Kurt?

Within the Judea-Christian doctrine, the topic of sin is central.  Which is coincidental since it is by engaging in the act of sin that practitioners are separated from what is at the epicenter of their faith.  Meanwhile it is that very faith, the belief in things unseen, which allows one to overcome any sin – including afflictions and physical ailments, since there are some who believe these are signs of a deity’s disdain.      

And no mutant in the Marvel 616 Universe knows the reality of being seen as a sin more so than Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler.

Despite his fur being blue and the lack of hoofed feet and horns, everything else about Kurt’s appearance suggests devil.  It is only when you look past his looks that it becomes apparent that this demon has a soul.  His acrobatic prowess, honed during his time as a circus performer, is an extension of his Erol Flynn heroic personality.  This along with his sense of reverence makes Kurt a champion of Charles’ claim that mutants are not dangerous; that looks can be deceiving.  Several times during his earliest years with the X-Men Kurt was confronted with the claim that his looks were a direct indication that God hates mutants; that he was a sin.  However, it seems in a world of individuals like Wolfsbane’s father Reverend Craig or Reverend Stryker, those who choose to apply Thessalonians 5:22 so egregiously, Kurt is a testimony taken from Corinthians 5:7.  

Over the course of many years, and nearly as many adventures,with teams like the X-Men and Excalibur as well as with other heroes, Kurt has always been the embodiment of faith and hope for his teammates.  Despite his ungodly appearance he was often the saint among sinner – such as Logan. Nightcrawler’s nature is in fact the reason he is one of the most beloved X-Men, especially with Storm who views her “brother” Kurt as a fuzzy elf instead of a devil.  

And though a short stint as a priest ended in what some may say was Kurt’s laicization this decision was the result of a brief moment where Nightcrawler was conforming to the ways of the world.  After the mutant population was reduced to 198, due to Wanda Maximoff‘s infamous “No More Mutants” moment, many lost all hope – including Kurt, albeit momentarily.  

Because hope did return for the mutants in the form of a young woman named Hope.  So determined was Kurt to protect this vessel that he was killed attempting to protect the young mutant.  Though he was apparently happy and content in the afterlife, enjoying himself in paradise, Kurt felt he had not heard the words “it is finished.”  Aided by his some former teammates, Kurt successfully stopped an attempt by his father Azazel – an actual demon intent on invading Heaven – and returns to the land of the living; taking up his cross, his X once more.  

And then there came a day unlike any other.  Except this time it was not for The Avengers.  No, this was the beginning of the Krakoan Age.  Kurt and other mutants finally found heaven on earth in the form of the mutant who was the very reason Charles recruits Kurt in Giant X-Men #1.  Living on Krakoa and serving as a member of the governing body, The Quiet Council, Kurt sits alongside Colossus and Storm representing the season of Summer – individuals who exhibit values that are at the core of the X-Men’s mission.  His faith, and belief in the X-Men and what Krakoa offers all mutants, led Kurt to work alongside Legion to create The Spark.  Now that there are others who see things their way, Kurt has begun leading The Legion of X.  This team investigates instances of island conflict while also aiding individuals with an approach that is ecumenical, interfaith and philosophical.   

Let the Sin Begin

However, recently something strange began to happen to Nightcralwer.  It’s hard to say when it started but Weaponless Zsen saw something which causes her to depart so quickly after their night together in Legion of X #6.  It wasn’t long after this encounter that something began to change with Kurt.  It was quite the conversation piece during the opening pages of Legion of X #7, well more from his teammates since Kurt offered no cofessions or confidences. Almost overnight Nightcrawler had taken on a more demonic appearance, spouting horns from his head.  Sinister’s solution was neither subtle nor of any substance; killing Kurt and sending him through the resurrection protocols didn’t reset his genetic structure.  

At the same time reports began to surface as several other mutants, as well as individuals who were previously unaware they were carriers of the X-Gene, began to experience similar further mutations.  These secondary mutations were often extreme exaggerations of their already established mutations or oddities.  For example, Warren Worthington’s appearance became more avian than angelic and his grasp on humanity was also lost.  Despite his current condition Kurt did not look back; leading his Legionnaires they began searching for the cause.  

It didn’t take long before the trail Pixie was following led the Legionnaires to none other than Kurt’s adoptive mother Margail Szardos .  Though Margail has always had some magick, it varies in levels at times due to her following the path of the Winding Way, she has never possessed powers of this magnitude; affecting mutants around the world.  So how did she get so powerful? 


While Kurts sits in one of the seats of Summer on the Quiet Council, there are others who sit in the seats of Winter – individuals whose personalities and tendencies are at times at odds with the X-Men’s core values.  Among its members is a “mutant” who has no problem trespassing on Krakoa.  Beginning by perverting Kurt’s contribution to the Council and Krakoa, the Third Law – Make More Mutants.      

Presently there is no larger sin within Marvel comics than those being committed by Nathaniel Essex, aka Mr. Sinister.  In the comic event Sins of Sinister the genetic genius manages to turn the world to his whim.  By implementing his genes into much of the world Sinister not only violates all of Krakoa’s Laws, he is on his way to violating the first commandment as well.  It was quite an ambitious attempt to avoid the Dominion threat, the highest tier of existence, by instead ensuring it is him who becomes the totality of all existence.  It isn’t as if others haven’t tried to control creation and in fact Sinister’s strategy proves as short sighted as those individuals.  Because Sinister forgot that everybody wants to rule the world.  And his sins have somehow managed to multiply.  

Now Nathaniel Essex has cloned himself before, at one point even creating an entire civilization of Sinisters.  But this time is different because for the first time they are different, evident by the absence of the Sinister diamond, which is significant since the symbol is an indication that an individual is under the control of the “original” Essex – which at the moment is almost all the heroes and civilians in the 616 Universe.     

So instead of one, now there are four distinct “Sinisters”, each with a plan of their own to rule all of existence. 

What Suits You?

In a game like Dominion, Orchis has an exclusive club.  Since Uncanny X-Men #11 readers have been aware of the fact that Dr. Stasis, an operative of Orchis, is also a Sinister of sorts. While the mutant hating organization was all too happy to use Margail to stoke hysteria against their enemy, Dr. Stasis was able to exploit the hex even further.  But the magick had two effects, altering Kurts appearance while also preventing Mr. Sinister’s modified x-gene from attaching to Nightcrawler – Stasis original goal.  So while he was further devolving into a monster, Kurt was in essence impervious to sin.  Also, Sinister was now unable to access a Kurt specific DNA strain – one he desperately desires for his experiments to create chimera, modified mutants possessing multiple powers.  

Which was the main reason Sinister accepted the invitation to Krakoa from Charles.  After discovering the secret of Moira MacTaggert’s mutation Sinister began implementing his own plan for Dominion.  But the clones of Moira were never Essex’s endgame; merely a means to an end.  By hitting restart on the game several times over Sinister was able to learn from his past sins and successfully implant his seed into the resurrection protocol.  Now, any mutant who dies and is resurrected automatically becomes an agent of Sinister.  With the exception of the main Nightcrawler.  But the doctor with the diamond on his forehead has never been above duplicity.  

Too bad X-Factor is off the case because a resurrection occurred without death.  At some point Sinister clones Kurt, replacing the original as not only leader of the Legion but also as a member of the Quiet Council.  Meanwhile the original Kurt was still trapped in his demonic form.   

Unfortunately one of the Legion’s newest ally’s wasn’t aware of all the  games being played.  Mother Righteous, the heart offering power through faith, was eventually able to break Szardos spell; playing into Sinister’s scheme.  By breaking the hex that was affecting Nightcrawler, as well as the other mutants, Mother Righteous unknowingly removes whatever was preventing Mr. Sinister from accessing Kurt’s genetic material.  This allows Essex to create The Legion of the Night.  These chimera each possess a power similar to some of Marvel’s most lethal mutants with the addition of Kurt’s dark dimensional teleportation abilities.  Meanwhile, Kurt remains in his hexed form.  

So while the 616 Universe awaits some saving grace, how long must Nightcrawler suffer and what will be the cost to his soul due to the wages of sin?  

And from where will his help come from? 

Well, since the Bar is closed with Sinister is otherwise occupied, let us break bread and commune for a moment.  

Orbis Stellaris seems so certain he has already won, he’s betting the whole Worldfarm. That may be because Manifold’s power, to twist time and space, is like Nightcrawlers, in spades. Did Nightcrawler’s mother Mystique and her lover Destiny have anything to do with that?

They certainly are involved somehow, having already sabotaged Storm’s mission to stop Sinister.  Could the Goddess and her Brotherhood be able to save her saint from damnation due to others’ quest for Dominion?  Will the Weaponless Zsen’s painting provide a path for Kurt’s salvation?  

While the Spirit of Variance was able to liberate some of the Legion of Nightcrawlers, how many more remain?  And how will the revelations of the sins of “his” sons, and daughters, affect the father when and if he is finally freed?  

Maybe Nemesis will finally solve PI and then get to calculating how to do what Sinister could not?  But why didn’t Sinister just kill and resurrect Nemesis with his X-gene?  Why did he choose to keep him a mumbling moron…nevermind that’s how Sinister always saw him. 

And if all efforts to revert him fail, does that leave Kurt in Stasis?  Forgotten?

If so then Kurt may forever be stuck as he was first seen while remaining true to how he has always been.  

Someone to cast stones at….

He without sin

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